Will You Learn Spanish at Home Before You Learn It Abroad?

Spanish schools in Nicaragua

There is no doubt that going abroad to learn a foreign language such as Spanish is one of the most exciting ways of studying. Being immersed in the language while living an unbelievable experience abroad will really help you get to grips with the language and have a great time as well.

One issue to consider before you head off, though, is whether it makes sense to do some learning even before you pack your suitcase. By combining some study time at home with some in your destination you can get the following benefits.

Get Comfortable

When you first start speaking Spanish you are going to feel a bit weird. If this is the first foreign language you have seriously studied then after a lifetime of saying the same words you are suddenly going to have a whole new vocabulary. At first this can be daunting and you could feel very nervous about opening your mouth and saying something which doesn’t yet have an instinctive meaning to you. If you can get past this initial phase in the comfort of your own home city then you will feel a lot more comfortable about making the most of your time abroad.

Get Your Mistakes Out of the Way

We all make plenty of mistakes when we learn a second language. This is perfectly natural but you might get put off if you make them in a setting you aren’t familiar with. If your first classes are in a country where the language is spoken on a daily basis then you could end up getting downhearted at making error after error in normal conversations such as in stores and hotels. It is far better to get these mistakes out of the way in front of a trained teacher who understands what you are trying to say and has heard many other students make exactly the same mistakes as you.

 Build Up the Anticipation

It is a fantastic idea to build up your levels of anticipation before you make any exciting trip to a foreign land. One sure fire way of doing this is by getting to grips with the language. This will let you speak to native speakers, read books and listen to music in Spanish, which will let you understand more of the culture before you travel. Don’t forget of taking Spanish classes in New York before you head off and you will enjoy the build up to your trip a lot more.


Spanish schools in Nicaragua

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