Other Spanish learning options

Spanish schools in Nicaragua



We can arrange one-on-one tutoring to give you that extra “jumpstart” or extra attention. Having you own personal tutor is a great way to advance quickly and work on those difficult subjects that are giving you problems in classes. Just ask and we will set this up for you. The cost is $10 per hour for individualized sessions.

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DELE Preparation

Our school in San Juan Del Sur is certified in preparation for the DELE certification. Just ask and we can get you into either regular DELE prep classes or even set up individualized tutoring to pass the certification process.

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Spanish FOR KIDS

All of our locations have staff that are skilled at working with children, as young as age 4. We have specially designed programming that uses more visual and interactive techniques to teach children to learn. The kids will often be exposed to local children in controlled environments and by doing so, be more motivated to learn. The cost is the same is the cost for the Regular Program in each city. Just ask and we will set this up for you!

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