Study programs

Spanish schools in Nicaragua

REGULAR Spanish Course

20 hours of Spanish training per week


Since we have programs in six different cities, each has some of its own nuances in its materials and styles of teaching. We do our best to insure continuity in changes from one school to another for students doing the course in more than one location. Our regular program works on the tried-and-true method of integrating grammar and conversation into your programming. You will usually study four hours a day. The classes consist of two hours of grammar and two hours of conversation or we can adapt the class structure to your needs and desires. They are often done in the morning, from 8-12, but we can sometimes adapt your classses to do afternoon classes if you prefer. Classes never have more than two students in them, and will usually be one-on-one with the teacher. Your materials will be provided in the cost of the classes.

From one week to several months, we can arrange classes for you at any of our locations or several locations. Just ask and we will set it up. Whether you just want to do a week in Managua or you want to study in five different cities, just let us know your desires and we will try to make it work. Please check our program locations section to know more about the places where you can take our regular Spanish course. We also recommend that you take a few online classes to get warmed up before you come. If you think that might be for you, click on the link here Skype Online Classes.

 Semi-Intensive Program

In Managua, we offer a program that consists of two hours per day for half the price of the Intensive Program. Just ask and we will get you more information. The time slots are generally from 8-10, 10-12, 1-3 or 3-5 PM. This is not available at all locations but we will do our best to accommodate a varied schedule.

Skype Online Classes

You can take classes just a few hours a week by Skype if you prefer. You will speak  live with one of our teachers. Your materials will be sent you via email so that you can follow along. Your classes are one-on-one with your teacher. Many students find this method works best for them. Many of our students start online before coming to see us in Nicaragua to get a jump on the language. Just drop us an email and we will let you know what we can do for you!

Home/Office Classes

We offer home and office classes in Managua (only). If you would like, we can send out one of our teachers to your location. The cost is $10 per hour, plus teacher transport (about $5) and there is a two hour minimum. We will charge you through PayPal for your safety and the safety of our staff. Home and office classes are programmed by the Director for the safety of our staff. We retain the right to decline to offer these classes to clients where a threat could be posed.

Other Classes

Just let us know your specific schedule and needs and we will do our best to accommodate you!


- INDIVIDUAL Spanish tutoring  
- Spanish for KIDS  
- DELE preparation in Nicaragua