Why learn Spanish in Granada Nicaragua?

Spanish schools in Nicaragua

Everybody learns differently and everybody has their own “comfort zone”. Granada , a colonial tourist town 45 minutes south of Managua is a wonderful step back in time. With Architecture from the 1500’s when Spain conquered this part of the world, Granada offers a fantastic environment to learn. With very low crime and that “tourist feel”, one can walk around almost anyplace in Granada day or night. You cant beat Granada if asthetics is your thing. Situated on Lake Nicaragua, the temperature is always 5 degrees (C) cooler than in the capitol. It is a daily occurrence to see horse-and-buggies walking the streets around Central Park and vendors selling their wares on the corners. There is a whole street just dedicated to restaurants and bars selling everything from typical cuisine to pizza and burgers.

Granada Nicaragua

The school here is staffed by people who are genuinely interested in helping you to learn. By Nicaraguan standards, this town is very touristy. By western standards, its still 100 years in the past. Very few people speak English so you will get the best of both worlds…full immersion but in a comfortable tourist-style town. Spend the mornings in classes and the afternoons taking boat tours of the lake and checking out everything else that Granada has to offer. There is a pretty good night-life for a little town as well!