Why learn Spanish in Managua Nicaragua?

Spanish schools in Nicaragua

When deciding where to study Spanish, one must take into consideration the factors that are going to give him/her the best result. Managua, the capital of Nicaragua has a diverse group of people all living in a relatively small area. It has all that one could need and more.

Managua has the richest and the poorest population in the country. You really get a broad spectrum of people. Most people in Managua don’t speak English, so its really a complete-immersion experience. If you don’t mind the noise of the big city, there is so much to see here. Transportation is cheap and plentiful. A taxi costs no more than $5 to go anywhere in the city limits.

Our school in Managua. They work mainly with the NGO organizations and the embassies, working hard to get people out working in the field and speaking and understanding quickly. It’s a great place to get a jumpstart on your Spanish. The school is more “academic” in its approach than the schools in the beach towns as their students are less likely to be your average tourist. Managua Nicaragua

If you like the nightlife, the capitol is the place to be. There is nothing else like it in this country. From discos with great carribean, latino and disco music, it’s a “happenin place”. The city isnt for everybody, but for those who want the complete immersion experience, heres a great option!