Why learn Spanish in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua?

Spanish schools in Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua is internationally known for its great surf! Located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, just 30 kilometers north of Costa Rica, two hours south of Managua, San Juan has all that Costa Rica has but without the “overly-tourist” feel.

The beach is lined with restaurants and bars and the town is one of the safest areas in Nicaragua. You will feel comfortable walking anytime day or night. You can take surf lessons, walk around and see the sights and be completely immersed in Spanish. San Juan is a highly-recommended place to see, even if you are not going to be taking classes there. Our students who study in other cities generally HAVE to see this beach village before they leave Nicaragua.

Spanish classes

Our school is well-organized and provides a high quality Spanish-immersion experience. You will study mornings and have the afternoons to partake in all that San Juan has to offer.