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Learn Spanish and travel around Nicaragua Spanish Schools.

Nicaragua Spanish SchoolsNicaragua Spanish Language Schools has six locations throughout Nicaragua. American owned and operated, we offer one of Latin America’s best values and most comprehensive Spanish-language immersion programs. We offer a great Spanish-language immersion and  program for those visiting, living or working in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is Latin America’s friendliest, safest, and most interesting country. Whether you want to take a few classes at one location, take a few weeks over three or four of our locations or if you will be living and working in Nicaragua and will want extended classes, we are here to make your experience an easy one.

We will set up everything at your request, including classes at the location(s) you request, homestays, airport transportation and activities you desire. We can even get you started now with live online classes to get ready for your visit.

For those of you who just want to take classes to those of you who want the full cultural experience, we are here to help. Click on any of the locations between our Nicaragua Spanish schools that interest you to see specific information about that destination or click on the buttons to the left of the screen for more detailed information about the programs that we offer and about prices and other important information.

If you decide to do the full program, we will meet you at the airport, take you to your school and/or homestay, confirm your plans, take care of payment (credit card or cash if not already paid through PayPal) and then you will head to your school early the first morning to start your immersion program that same day! You can start and end on any day of the week.

Click on any of the buttons to your left to learn more about us!

We respond to emails prompty so click here to contact us with your questions.


About Nicaragua, Central America

Nicaragua Spanish Schools - Esteli“The land of lakes and volcanoes,” is one of theSpanish Courses . Spanish Lessons . Summer Spanish Immersion in Nicaragua safest and most hospitable countries in all of Latin America in which to travel and study. Nicaragua is a beautiful and diverse country, largely natural and unspoiled, with wonderful people and a fascinating place in history. Roughly the size of the U.S. state of New York, Nicaragua has a greatly varying geography and climate, from the cool mountains in the north, to the hot and humid central lowlands, to the breezy beaches on the pacific coast as well as the marshy lowlands of the Atlantic coast. NSLS schools are located in key areas of Nicaragua that allow our students access to the various social and natural environments in the pueblos, cities, countryside, lakes and beaches on the Spanish-speaking western half of the country. Because Nicaragua is relatively unspoiled by over-tourism, you can visit many interesting places without fighting crowds and can still be done on a shoestring budget!.

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NSLS students include tourists, educators, university and high school students, government and non-profit agency workers, social service and healthcare professionals, retirees, eco-tourists, activists, and church and study groups. Anyone who wants to learn Spanish or improve their Spanish while experiencing Nicaragua’s unique land and culture will enjoy to learn Spanish with the NSLS program!


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  • Present Perfect Subjunctive (Preterito Perfecto del Subjuntivo)

    The present perfect subjunctive is used after certain expressions for completed actions that are related to this or actions that end in the future. Use Action completed remains tied to this example: Esperamos que la operación haya sido todo un éxito. (la operación acaba de realizarse)   Action to be completed in the future example: Podrás ver a […]

  • Idiom and idiomatic (Modismo y sus Idiomaticos)

    An idiom is fixed whose meaning can not be inferred from the words that compose an expression. It is a language that allows custom condense an idea in a nutshell and transmit the concept to all those who share the same language. It is sometimes confused with idioms sayings, but they have an educational or […]

  • Adverb Clauses (Clausulas Adverbiales)

    1. Independant Disclaimer: Nos matriculamos mañana. 2. Dependent Disclaimer: No sentirnos bien. 3. Unless the adverbial conjunction ” a menos que” the two clauses. 4. The adverbial conjunction = an adverb cause the subjunctive . 5 This adverb (adverbial conjunction) modifies the verb “matricularse” in the independent clause; communicates to us the condition of the plan to […]

  • Imperfect Subjunctive (Preterito Imperfecto del Subjuntivo)

    In Spanish the imperfect subjunctive is used in some subordinate clauses and express courtesy and caution. Use The verb in the main clause is in the past or in simple conditional and subjunctive action takes place simultaneously or later form the action of the main clause example: Sin embargo necesitaríamos algún voluntario que ayudase con la reparación. Aunque no sabías que […]

  • Temporal clauses (Clausulas temporales)

      The rules: . 1 category of temporal clauses there is a condition that causes the subjunctive: there are certain conjunctions which relate to time. . 2 Conditions to be a verb in the subjunctive in the dependent clause are temporary: a. two clauses b. action refers to the future c. action is uncertain d. […]

  • Conditional clauses (Clausulas Condicionales)

    Conditional clauses behave much the same way in Spanish and English. The conditional clause proposes an action that will cause another occurs. The meaning of each sentence varies depending on the tenses used. This combination involves a routine in a continuous present. The idea is that whenever an action occurs, no further action is performed […]

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